MOTA is a key event for the African mining industry. Experts have raised new ideas to strengthen mining operations in Africa while making them both profitable and fair, to the benefit of extractive companies, governments, local communities, and the environment. Innovation has also been at the center of the debates.

Over the two days, MOTA 2023 has successfully brought together 230 delegates from 25 countries, including experts and key players in the mining industry. The summit was marked by more than 50 speakers and honored by the presence of eminent personalities such as Hon. Samou SEIDOU ADAMBI, Minister of Energy, Water and Mines of Benin, Hon. Mamadou SANGAFOWA-COULIBALY, Minister of Mines, Petroleum and Energy of Côte d’Ivoire, Hon. Ousseini Hadizatou YACOUBA, Minister of Mines of the Republic of Niger, Professor Hilaire ELENGA, Director General of the Centre de Recherches Géologiques et Minières of the Republic of Congo and Ibrahima Arona DIALLO, Director of Cabinet of the Minister of Mines and Geology of Senegal. During MOTA 2023, the speakers explored the theme of “mining of tomorrow” with a specific focus on sustainable mining in Africa.


The captivating discussions highlighted an unprecedented historical period for the global mining industry. The growing demand for minerals, stimulated by the energy transition, has been identified as a major driver of the current trends. Delegates discussed the current and future impact of this evolution while addressing the opportunities and challenges.

During the summit, calls were made to strengthen the link between the energy transition and the development of the mining sector through innovative financing models and fairer investment partnerships. The need to review outdated mining codes, improve the ease of doing business and promote training as well as community development was highlighted. A real and fair partnership between Europe and Africa was seen as being key to ensure a successful energy transition. MOTA 2023 has been an effective platform for networking and business development. The organizers would like to thank the sponsors and their partners for their support.


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The invited ministers shared a common vision for mining in Africa, based on increased sustainability and local added value. They described policy reforms being considered and implemented on the continent to attract investments and ensure that Africans benefit from the wealth generated by its mineral resources.

Responsible mining was identified as key for the future of the global mining industry. Stakeholders highlighted the need for sustainable practices in the mining industry.

Commenting on the scope of MOTA, Frédéric BOUZIGUES, managing director of Société Minière de Boké (SMB) said: “MOTA is a strategic forum for mining industry players in Africa. When discussing “mining tomorrow”, which was theme of this year’s summit, it is necessary to address the need to integrate environmental, social and governance factors into our practices. This is why the SMBWinning Consortium is the sponsor of the roundtable on ESG practices, with a focus on innovation. It is crucial to stress that innovation, supported by a clear strategic vision, can maximize ESG-related commitments”.

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Président Directeur général, Affectio Mutandi

Stéphane Brabant

Stéphane Brabant

Senior Partner, Paris, Avocat à la Cour, Trinity International

Jean-Claude Guillaneau

Jean-Claude Guillaneau

International Institutional Affairs at the General Direction of BRGM

Dr. Goodwin Beene

Dr. Goodwin Beene

Chairman, Zambia Chamber of Mines

Dr. Alkaly Yamoussa Bangoura

Dr. Alkaly Yamoussa Bangoura

Former President Advisor, Mining Guinea

Dr. Rokhaya Samba DIENE

Dr. Rokhaya Samba DIENE

General Manager of the National Geological Survey of Senegal


I was honored to be a speaker at the French Innovation & Mining in Africa session at the Mining on to Africa 2023 event. This event was an excellent opportunity to network with mining professionals from France and African countries and to share my knowledge about the latest innovations in the mining sector thanks to software solutions.

My presentation focused on the role of virtual twins as a game-changer for mining in Africa. I highlighted how Virtual Twin Experiences could enable mining companies to optimize their operations, improve their safety and reduce their environmental impact. I also highlighted the opportunities for partnerships between French and African companies in the mining sector.

The presentation was well received by the participants and sparked many questions and discussions. I am convinced that this event has contributed to strengthening relations between France and Africa in the field of the mining industry.
Stephane GRINARD

GEOVIA Industry Process Success Senior Director


Dear organizers of the Mining on Top Africa Forum 2023 (MOTA Paris),

MOTA 2023 was an enriching and memorable experience in many ways.

First of all, I would like to pay tribute to the excellent work of the entire organizing team who planned and implemented this event. The flawless organization, the efficient management of the sessions and the overall quality of the discussions were remarkable. Every aspect of the forum, from inspirational speeches to informative panel discussions, contributed to an unforgettable experience.

The networking opportunities offered by MOTA 2023 were invaluable. I had the opportunity to meet outstanding professionals and experts from the mining industry, which allowed for fruitful discussions and promising partnerships for the future.

In addition, the topics discussed during the sessions were extremely relevant, covering a wide range of challenges and opportunities in the African mining sector. The discussions were in-depth and enlightening, and I was able to gain essential knowledge that will have a huge impact on my daily work.

I would also like to congratulate the speakers and panellists for their interesting presentations as well as for their insights. Their expertise contributed to the overall quality of the forum and sparked stimulating debates among delegates.

Finally, I would like to highlight the importance of committing to sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the mining sector, which was emphasized throughout the event. This clearly demonstrates that MOTA is not only focused on business opportunities, but also on the sustainable development of the mining industry in Africa.

To conclude, I would like to sincerely thank the entire organizing team of the Mining on Top Africa Forum 2023 (MOTA Paris) for this exceptional experience. This event has truly exceeded my expectations and I sincerely hope to be able to participate in future editions.

Mining contracting and infrastructure

It was a fulfilling conference. I met and exchanged with diverse stakeholders in Africa’s mining sector. The conference was also a good place for connection as well as for updated knowledge in the mining sector.

Chigozie Nweke-Eze

CEO, Integrated Africa Power (IAP)

We would like to thank you for your warm welcome during this seminar.

We would also like to congratulate you on the quality of the speakers. Speeches were extremely relevant and demonstrated that, although the need for raw materials keeps on increasing, sustainability and ESG objectives are now the main drivers of the mining industry.

The responsibility of all stakeholders, including governments and private sector, is engaged and they are aware of the challenges that must be tackled:- Mapping social and environmental risks- Formalizing the regulatory framework- Professionalizing women and men in the way they conduct business- Controlling small-scale gold mining.

Many positive elements have emerged from this seminar, and change is underway. At MORFO, we are ready to help accelerate the movement with our complete solution to restore native ecosystems.

As Stéphane Brabant said, quoting a great African proverb: With mistakes we learn, with time we understand.

I wanted to highlight the presence of women at this seminar. What they said was very thoughtful and they are leading the change. I am pleased to have initiated the photo of the women present at this conference to honour women in the mining sector – Women in Mining.

Thank you very much,

Warm regards,

Adrien PAGES Co-founder & CEO