Dr. Madani Diallo


Président, WALC, CCM SA

Dr Madani Diallo has a Ph. D in geochemistry obtained in former Soviet Union in 1979.  He held several positions as civil servant, technical expert for United Nations and Exploration Manager Africa for BHP Minerals – for which he has been an expatriate for 10 years-, and General Manager Anglogold Ashanti Mali until 2008.

He has been several times independent consultant in the management of mineral resources.

His business activities include:

  • Chairman of CCM-SA since 2010, a company which built the first modern lime kiln in West Africa. He has initiated the first large scale tests of agricultural lime in Mali, and thus has significantly contributed to acceptation of using agricultural lime to combat soil acidity and increase agricultural yields. CCM export agricultural lime into some West African countries.
  • Chairman of Makly SAS since 2013, a mining consulting company based in Paris, France.
  • Director of gold exploration companies in Canada and Australia
  • Ex-Director of mining companies and a bank

His academic activities include:

  • Chairman of the Association of Mali private Geoscientists
  • Member / Fellow of:
    • Association of Geologists, France,
    • Society of Geologists (United Kingdom),
    • Society of Economic Geologists (US)
    • Canadian Instituteof Mining and Metallurgy.

By his work, Dr Diallo has significantly contributed to the creation of Mali mining Industry. He has been elevated to the rank of “Chevalier de l’Ordre National” in 1997 for his contribution to Mining Industry and to the rank of “Officer de l’Ordre National” in 2018 for his contributionn to developing Mali Industry.