Ousmane CISSE

Directeur Général

Société des Mines du Sénégal (SOMISEN)

He is the CEO of the Société des Mines du Sénégal (SOMISEN S.A), a state-owned mining company. Prior to this appointment he was the National Director of Mines & Geology at the Senegalese Ministry of Mines.

He worked as a Technical Specialist with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Regional Project for Capacity Development for Negotiating and Regulating Investment Contracts to strengthen the long-term institutional capacity of some African countries to negotiate contracts and manage related largescale natural resources investment projects. He
participated in a number of international assignments.

He brought to the Regional Project an extensive network of African and international contacts, due to hisworks as resource person to United Nations Economic Commission of Africa’s review of the mineral law and policy of selected West and North African countries and as Research Assistant to the Oxford Policy Management study entitled “Minerals Taxation: A review of issues and challenges in the design and application of minerals taxation regimes (2007).”

He served as National Expert to the ECOWAS Commission and Task Force on the harmonization of mineral laws and policies and was directly involved in helping to draft the ECOWAS Directive on the Harmonization of Guiding Principles and Policies in the Mining Sector. He was an Advisory Board member to The “Strategic Dialogue on Sustainable Raw Materials for Europe” STRADE (2016-2018), which addressed the long-term security and sustainability of the European raw-material supply from European and non-
European countries. He served as a Course Director of the Mineral Policy and Contracts Negotiations African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP–UN) training seminar.